About AllSpares

The story of All Spares

All Spares originated in 2013. Our customers indicated the need for a cheaper alternative to the more expensive A-brands. We decided to look for manufacturers who can produce the same or better quality as the original products. But obviously at a lower price!

Private label versus A-brand

When you are looking for your trusted A-brand on our website, we also offer the opportunity to order the All Spares private label. Right away you can see the price difference and how much money you can save with All Spares. Unsure about the quality? Not necessary, but no problem. We will be happy to send you a sample  of our private label, so you can experience what we already know. All Spares: the best quality at an affordable price!


We don’t develop the products ourselves. We prefer to let the professionals do what they do best. We tell our suppliers what the needs of our customers are. We review these products and select the ones that meet the standards of All Spares. In addition, we make solid packaging and clear instructions in the local language.

Working conditions and environment

Our products are manufactured within the EU (Germany and Italy), where the working conditions comply with EU regulations. In addition, we ensure that our products have all the necessary (environmental) certification marks.